The Great Food Truck Race

The seventh season of “The Great Food Truck Race” changes the show’s traditional formula by having all six teams made up of family members who have no experience running a food truck. Adding the family dynamic provides an additional obstacle for the contestants to overcome on their Southern California road trip from Los Angeles to Catalina Island, where the winning group is awarded the $50,000 grand prize.

Jack Vale Offline

Our new HLN reality series reveals that pranking has become a family business involving wife Sherry and their five kids.” The show Jack Vale: Offline follows the creation, planning, execution, editing, and posting of prank videos in Sin City. We also see the challenges of raising a family in the Internet age: How can Jack make them stop watching videos online, when they are videos of him?



A look at the men and women who keep watch over the beaches of Southern California.


Nascar 360

The Next Knuckler

Josh Booty is crowned winner of the MLB Network’s series ‘The Next Knuckler,’ earning a non-roster invite to the D-backs’ Spring Training.

Fight Girls: The Series

Fight Girls is an Oxygen original reality television series that spun off from a 2006 special which documented seven female fighters’ attempts at winning a championship. The initial special aired on August 7, 2006 and the series premiered June 12, 2007.

Boot Camp

Eight women and eight men compete for $500,000 as they are recruited for two months at a grueling military boot camp run by four former Marine Corps drill Instructors. Each week, one squad member is voted out by fellow recruits. In turn, the dismissed recruit then chooses another member to leave the game.

Madden Nation

An American reality television show, created as a joint effort between EA SPORTS and ESPN Original Entertainment to take viewers inside the world of Madden NFL, a popular video game with over 10 million players worldwide. The series premiered on December 6, 2005 and is currently off the air. The show was influenced by the competitive atmosphere created at one of the top Madden websites

Destroy Build Destroy

This reality show allows kids to do what most kids seem to have a hankering for: destroy stuff. It pits two teams of teens against each other, competing to obliterate a structure — with the aid of experts — and then remake it into something entirely different from the demolished parts.

Battle of the Network Stars

A series of competitions where television stars from ABC, CBS, and NBC would compete in various sporting events. A total of nineteen of these competitions were held, all of which were aired by ABC.

Adrenaline X

Viewers will experience all the action and thrill of the challenges as they witness the competition first-hand through the use of heart-rate monitors, helmet cameras and body microphones. ‘Adrenaline X’ will showcase the colorful characters who dare to push their sport beyond the bounds and will uncover what drives them, their backgrounds, and the sacrifices they make to compete in the burgeoning world of extreme sports.

Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge

Nine-time World Champion Ty Murray hosts the “Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge”, which brings nine celebrities to his sprawling 2000-acre ranch in Stephenville, Texas, for an intense bull riding boot camp. The celebrities will be taught the techniques and toughness it takes to survive riding an 1,800-pound bull in less than two weeks.

Who’s Got Game?

Street warriors battle on the 12 of the toughest street ballers in America go against each other in an authentic urban competition on broken blacktop courts . Ten young men and two women, aged 18 to 26, live together in New York City, fighting it out on the street courts in and around Harlem, while dealing with personal drama concering their families and tensions between each other. One winner will walk away the champion and win $100, 000 to take home. Written by Anonymous


Carpocalypse was a TV show on Spike TV that focused on the daily drama of how a motley crew of crash addicted racers join together to compete in some of the craziest races ever caught on tape. It premiered on March 5, 2005. The show is based on races held twice a year at Orlando Speedworld’s Crash-A-Rama series.

Next Knuckler

I’d Do Anything

Dodgeball Movie Special

Bachelorettes in Alaska

Five women from the lower 48 states trek to Alaska in search of Mr. Right.

Rodman on The Rebound


Totally Hooked

Major League Gaming

The Wild Rules

Looks Of Love

Fish On

My Commercial Reel

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